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Green Leaves

Online Course


Perhaps you'd prefer to learn about psychic abilities and your spiritual connection on your own time and at your own pace. 

I've created a beginner course that covers all the basics in detail with guidance and practices so you can understand your abilities, develop your strengths, and start receiving guidance and clarity from your Spirit Team.

I wish this course was available to me early on in my journey.

I'm thrilled to share what I've learned and make things easier for you.

The amount of information given in this course would easily take 5-7 personal sessions with me to collect. 

This option is also really wonderful because if you are waiting to work with

me one-on-one, you'll be that far ahead when we do.

Important Course Information:  The course has no current time limitations.

When purchasing this course you will have access to course as long as the current course is being offered, which in my current vision, will be for years to come. 

The course access is not guaranteed lifetime nor a guaranteed amount of time.  At any point I no longer choose to use the Thinkific Platform, no longer offer course due to unforeseen circumstances, or course changes, access will no longer be available and no refunds are given due to course being removed. 

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