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Self Clearing Treatment

During the journey into your spirituality and psychic abilities, you will come to understand the importance of practicing energetic self-care. 
You are in charge of your energy field and you have the capability to manipulate and shift energies in and out of your auric field;
you, honey, are that powerful.
Regular maintenance of your energy and vibration is crucial to feeling well within the mind, body, and spirit. I've created a clearing and healing treatment that I use weekly to keep myself in tip-top shape. 

A regular clearing should be in every intuitive, medium,
and healer's toolbox. 
$15 usd
29 Minute Audio Recording
Self Clearing Treatment

Self Clearing Treatment

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PLEASE NOTE: The Self Clearing Audio/Video has no current time limitations. When purchasing the video you will have access to the video as long as it is being offered. The video is not lifetime guaranteed or a guaranteed amount of time. At any point I choose to no longer use the platform or offer the video due to unforeseen circumstances or the offering changes, access will no longer be available, and no refunds are given. We suggest you absorb information given in the video and also take notes in the event the video is removed.

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