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Green Leaves
Personal Mentoring


Every person comes to me with varying levels of knowledge and needs so it's your questions and the unique things happening to you that will help us navigate where we need to go. 

For over 7 years, I have proudly assisted others in gaining confidence and understanding of their psychic abilities, spiritual connection, and self-mastery. 


During this time you can ask me anything and everything in regards to psychic abilities, and any phenomena happening around you, and to you.

I'm here to clear things up.

We will look into your current strengths and what skills your energy may be aligned with. We will cover techniques that can improve these strengths and look at habits that may be hindering growth.

We will check your energy and vibration and see if there are blockages that may be causing issues with connection. Spirit will give clarity and direction on what needs done to clear these blockages. 

As time permits, we will teach you how to connect and receive information tailored to your strengths. I am able to receive from Spirit while you are receiving, which helps me validate and assist during your connection. 

If you are a practicing intuitive/ healer, we can explore where your gifts may feel stuck and further advance development. I have created many practices to expand knowledge and deepen connection for the beginner and experienced alike.

A mentoring session can be used for psychic development, and spiritual growth.

Our Spirit Guides will work as a team to get you the guidance you need to better yourself in both areas.

I take on clients October-April. If subscribed to my website, you will be updated on availability as months open for scheduling.  Mailing list form is located at bottom of page. 

One Session
$295  1 hour 20 min 
 Established clients may purchase multiple sessions
New clients please purchase one session to start

If in U.S., all sessions are via phone call. If outside U.S., all sessions are via Jitsi with video turned off. I've found this helps the client (and me) remain more comfortable and less distracted. 

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